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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  November 18, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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determined to meet, wasting as little time and resources as possible. t.j. winick, abc news, new york. and that is what is making news in america this morning. >> get more news anytime at >> and straight ahead this half-hour, an underground close call. chunks of concrete collapsed through a metro station ceiling. good morning washington. thank you for joining us. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in with lisa baden in just a moment to see how the roads are doing but first we check in with meteorologist adam caskey. >> take a quick peek and notice
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the showers. those of you watching us from parts of west virginia, you can see a little sprinkle today. otherwise an increase in the cloud cover. let's go look at the temperatures outside. look at this. it is chilly. 35 in centreville. rockville, h 41. for the most parts high 30's, low 40's. cooler in the mid cities. 56 the high at 3:00 p.m.. let's go to lisa with traffic. >> a lot of overnight construction is being cleared of the way now. both sides at 123. you can see they are taping off the left side eventually only the right lane gets by. they are working on that bridge over the northwest branch between university boulevard.
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helts heading toward us. that looks pretty clean. more on the traffic side to come but now the news. >> it is 4:31 and our top story today, another metro mess to tell you about. now the farragut station is closed. the red line station is closed after debris fell from the ceiling into the station on to a train platform. >> it was fortunate no one was hurt. >> during the rush hour large chunks of debris crashed on to the platform at the farragut north station. amazingly no one was injured but this bizarre incident impacted travel on the red line for hours. >> it is extremely splosme >> fire officials say it started with a construction crew working on connecticut avenue right above the metro station.
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>> the equipment was being utilized. >> the work somehow caused debris and the ceiling tile to crash land on to a spot where passengers wait for trains. >> it is not a large amount of debris but a fairly sizable piece of concrete. >> initially some exits were closed. at around 8:00 the station was shut down for an emergency inspection. >> if you have someone meeting you here, please tell them to meet you at another station. >> riders are understandably frustrated. >> no, it is not their fault but it is one of many problems lately. >> the whole thing is starting to fall apart. the hope the is this mess will be fixed by the morning rush. >> meanwhile, the beulah road bridge remains closed this
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morning. that bridge was shut down after it was hit by a flat bed truck. it is closed until an assessment on its stability is complete. >> we are still waiting for a verdict this morning in the chandra levy murder trial. jury spent all day yesterday deliberating and will get back to work this morning. we have the very latest. >> good morning. we should see the jury get back to deliberations around 9:30 this morning. yesterday they spent about six hours inside of d.c.'s superior court deliberating for about six hours. we can tell you, they sent a note to the judge asking the judge to send a photo of ingmar guandique taken by his girlfriend in rock creek park
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around the same time as levy's disappearance in that photo. he had no scratches or cuts at the time. we are waiting for a verdict this all of this. the prosecution saying there is enough circumstantial evidence to convict. the defense says there is no physical evidence to convict ingmar guandique in all of this. still, both sides are arguing despite the jury being in the middle of these deliberations and coming up at 5:00 we'll tell you what the prosecution and dreffs asking the judge to let the -- defense are asking the judge to let the jury hear. >> a guilty plea for a principal. a handgun used in the commission of a crime. lancaster faces between 25 and 30 years in prison.
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last week another man pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. people all across our region will spend another day cleaning up the mess left behind by yesterday's severe storms. the damage was widespread from arlington to northwest d.c. to baltimore. the storm brought down trees and power lines and blew roofs off of apartment buildings. >> close a tornado or something was really wrong. i don't know what it was 368 >> it was like a train coming there on the street. loud, noisy and windy. >> we should know sometime today whether in fact it was a tornado that damaged several apartment buildings in baltimore. there are no reports of any storm-related injuries.
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it is 4:36 now on this very early thursday morning. >> still ahead, the senior side of hollywood near d.c. >> plus more backlash against invasive security patdowns. now head of the t.s.a. is speaking out. >> but first, a quiet morning.
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>> and welcome back, everyone. 4:39 this thursday morning. a check of traffic and weather. it is a quiet thursday. that's a nice change. >> yes, we don't have high winds to talk about or rain to talk about. we don't have to recap any thunderstorms. we just have good, typical november weather today. we'll start the day with sunshine. mainly clear skies overhead with clouds over the mountains. off to our southwest where we have some action now. a little disturb nance or a dip in the upper level flow causing some light rain all the way out to the gulf of mexico. it is going to push eastward. most of it should fall apart before getting here. limited sunshine today. we'll see it. it is just going to be limited mainly to the morning hours. a few breaks here and there. martinsburg, 41.
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frederick at 43. an increase in clouds later this morning. high in the mid 50's, exactly average for this time of year. light west winds. sunny and dry tomorrow through the weekend. highs in the mid to low 50's. very november-like. lisa, how is traffic now? >> it is quiet, 4-30-something like. no worries on 270 or i-70. lingering road work in virginia. northbound open out of fredericksburg. one geico camera shows us the belt way leaving university boulevard no new hampshire avenue, stay to the right. >> we have 44 degrees. >> coming up, camping out for free food. how long some people waited for some chick-fil-a. >> but first, get used to it. why the t.s.a. has no plans to
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>> welcome back, everybody. our top stories now at 4:44. tiger woods unclear whether the farragut station will be open at all this morning. they closed the station for an emergency inspection after a chunk of concrete fell on a platform.
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it was due to road work above the station on connecticut avenue. luckily no one was hurt if this. today is the second day of jury deliberations in the trial of ingmar guandique, the man accused of killing intern chandra levy nine years ago. another suspect will plead guilty in connection with the murder of principal brian beck. shareef lancaster will reportedly plead guilty. >> security crackdowns at our nation's airport, how much is too much? yesterday, the more introducive security screenings were a hot topic on capitol hill and now we're learning more about an incident of passenger rage. we have the story from reagan national. >> at reagan national and a growing list of airports nationwide, passengers have two options.
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full-body scanners, which some call an electronic strip search or a new patdown procedure described by pilots and passengers as sexual molestation. >> them patting your groin, that is over the line. that seems to be excessive. >> it is an invasion of human rights. >> john spole says agents have been able toru teenly smuggle items on planes. he said terrorists are intent of bringing equipment on to planings. some passengers are protesting. one man punched a t.s.a. agent in the chest. >> another said if you touch my junk, i'm going to have you arrested. >> it seems like with every search, the frustration gross.
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>> it goes beyond what we should be doing for security. >> some in the army industry are fearful travelers will find another mode of transportation. >> now on the a developing story out of new york. the first guantanamo bay detainee has been cleared of all charges against him. he was charged with conspiracy to destroy u.s. property in the bombings of two embassies in africa. as expected democrats chose their current house speaker nancy pelosi as minority leader. steny hoyer will hold the number two post. rention chose john boehner as speaker of the house and eric cantor will be the majority
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leader. lisa murkowski won a write-in campaign. she launched that campaign after losing to joe miller in the republican primary. miller says he is not conceding. he is considering a recount. >> now, the f.d.a. has put four alcohol energy drinks on notice saying they can lead to a dangerous state of being wide awake drunk. the company has 15 days to respond. the maker of one agreed to remove calf freen its drinks. wal-mart is planning to open stores in the distribute for the first time ever. they want to open four stores and hire 1,200 employees by 2012. georgia avenue northwest, new york avenue and new jersey
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avenue northwest and east capital and 58th street. there is a tent city that is set up in arlington this morning and it is all in the name of free food. chick-fil-a's first 100 competition is back in town again. every time the restaurant chain opens a new location it gives away free food for a year for for the first 100 people in line. many fans travel country and go to as many of these as they can. this time she is first in line. >> it is just like a fun thing to do. you get out and meet people and get to reunite with them ever so often when there is a new chick-fil-a open. it is fun. >> roberts has been in line for about 24 hours now. the new location at 2200 crystal drive will open in about an hour from now at 6:00 a.m. she says she is excited to be the first one in the door. that's a lot of chicken.
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>> oh, yes. >> president obama plans to award 15 people the nation's highest civilian honor. it is called the presidential medal of freedom. the awards will be presented early next year. one of the recipients is poet maya angelou, george w. bush, german chancellor angela merkel. >> we have 34 degrees. >> coming up, first celebrities hit washington and then photographers. >> but first another check on traffic and weather.
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>> happy thursday morning. 4:5 3:00 a.m. adam caskey. temperatures, you could call them seasonable. let's take a look at the numbers outside. right now start our day. 47 in martinsburg. 34 in warrenton. clarksburg, you're at 35. you can see upwards of about 25 meteors per hour.
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that peaks today. 56 with limited sunshine today. that means increasing cloud cover later this morning. tomorrow will be a beautiful friday. perfect. a lot of sunshine and cooler. 52 for the high temperature tomorrow. 52 the high noticeably cooler tomorrow. let's go to lisa for traffic. >> we wanted you to be the first to know that the metro rail farragut north metro station will be open. all station will be open and they are planning to run on normal service systemwide. good news for virginia as well. everything is gone as far as road work. 110, the beltway and 95. everything good in virginia. as far as maryland traffic, they still have the barrels in the left lane between university
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boulevard and new hampshire on the interloop but the light volume is helping. >> good news about the metro station. open again. >> that's right. >> 4:54 is your time now. >> that's right. >> 4:54 is your time now. 44
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♪my country, tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee i sing; ohhhhh, land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrims' pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring! ♪
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>> whether it is on capitol hill, the kennedy center or any other place, many of us are used to seeing celebrities around town. >> right, but with the stars
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comes another high profile group, the paparazzi. >> for some d.c. photographers, there is no shortage of celebrities. >> brad pitt, jennifer garner, j-lo. >> jennifer hudson here. tina fey and steve carell. >> he spends his time in front of d.c.'s swankiest hotels waiting for a-listers like tina fey to emerge. >> they will go out for a walk. we'll get the photos of them shopping. >> he caught this video of actor shia la buff. >> they are getting used to it in d.c.. >> i think it is widely understood that the obamas have opened up washington to hollywood. >> photographer chris connor calls himself a polarazi.
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>> they are coming for their cause. where else are you going to get them next to nancy pelosi? >> they also turn up for award shows and movie promotions but what is driving the demand for these pictures isn't just the steady stream of celebs but the opportunity for photographers to sell them. >> they offer the opportunity to show these photographs. >> some experts question whether celebrity access to the hill will change with the new session of congress. while there may still be celebrities in town, we might see a slightly more conservative bunch. >> do they ever follow you around? >> no. >> you always see them at the correspondents dinner. i recognize some faces from that. just about


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